Animation Reel

Creatures, cars, animals, and insects CBSD can model, rig, and animate whatever you can imagine.  Our team of expert 3D artists has worked on projects for Disney, Pixar, Fox, and more.  We can bring your ideas to life.



Misc VFX


Wire removals, paint outs, beauty work, etc.  While we can handle large and elaborate visual effect shots, sometimes the smaller visual effects matter most.  CBS Digital’s goal is to make sure that our VFX are invisible and aid in the storytelling, not distract from it.



Monitor Comps

Whether it is a TV screen, computer monitor, cell phone, or Ipad we can comp any footage or graphic needed in post.  From simple burn-ins to elaborate tracking shots with actors crossing in front of the screen we have you covered.




Post production fixes can pop up unexpectedly and occasionally at the last minute.  Is a boom mic or crew member in the shot?  Did Standards and Practices come back with notes about logos or signage?  CBSD has solved many of these problems for productions quickly and within budget.




Amazon’s multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winning show, Transparent, revolves around a Los Angeles family and their lives following the discovery that the person they knew as their father is transgender.   For three seasons we have created a wide range of visual effects for the show.  From basic green screen comps and matte painting to more elaborate shots, such as a full CG chest replacement for a character with a double mastectomy, we support the narrative of this groundbreaking series.